Stop Sucking at Marketing

Learn how to develop marketing tactics that reach your audience and that don’t make you feel icky.

A word from Megan

Marketing Nerd + Your Presenter

I’m not entirely sure why I fell in love with marketing. Maybe it’s the psychology behind it, or maybe it’s the feeling I get when I find a path that just clicks.

No matter the reason, digital marketing is something I truly love to do and learn, but I know it’s not for everyone.

As an entrepreneur, you’re pulled in 30 different ways and everything is a priority, so learning about marketing can feel futile, especially since there’s no direct ROI.

I’m here to teach you how powerful digital marketing can be for any business, whether its service-based, products, online, or brick-and-mortar. It doesn’t have to be a monumental task and it doesn’t need to take you away from working on your business and paying your bills.

Let’s create a marketing plan together that feels effortless, grabs your customers attention, and keeps you at the forefront of their brains so that you’re the only source they know for what they need.

Does this sound familiar?

You KNOW your product is awesome

If only THEY knew

You know you have a product that can help people, you just don't know how to get THEM to see it. Stop Sucking at Marketing will help you learn the language of your customers so that they connect to your business and products.

You're frustrated with ad campaigns

Might as well just burn the money, for all the good advertising has done

Facebook similar audiences, Google Adsense, Pinterest Promoted Pins, they're all useful tactics to give your business a boost, but if you don't know who you're speaking to, then you're throwing your money into a void. Stop Sucking at Marketing will help you develop your ideal customer profile so that you're able to nail down your demographics (and save a TON on advertising).

Start and Stop is how you seem to be running things

Shiny Object Syndrome at its finest

You keep trying new ideas, trending hashtags, new products, anything that promotes itself as a "Quick Fix" yet you still seem to come up short. Stop Sucking at Marketing will give you the tools to learn how to utilize tried-and-true marketing tactics, but with your own spin to better convert your customers.

You feel like you're flailing

and failing

You feel like you're running around in circles and no matter what you do, the stable trickle of profits is still elusive. Let's stop the cycle of ineffective copy and marketing and develop the ability to create value-based funnels that generate passive income without a lot of effort.

None of these are a permanent issue, they're simply a matter of finding your people and learning how to sell to them.


The course designed for entrepreneurs like you who are ready to stop being afraid of marketing and begin adding massive oomph to their conversions.

The modules

Learn how to create a marketing strategy for both short term and long term campaigns that feels authentic keeps you top-of-mind with your customers

Module 1: Create Your Plan

Learn how to create an avatar, your SWOT, and discover the difference between features and benefits

Module 2: Develop Your Plan

Learn the key parts of value-based initiatives and how to correct your trajectory if you steer off course with your customer base

Module 3: Creative Copy

Find the right keywords, learn how your customers speak, and use their language to your advantage

Module 4: Sales Funnels + Social

Learn how to use your goals to create sales funnels + automation tips and tricks

Module 5: How to Keep Going

How to avoid burnout by keeping track of your goals and freeing up your workload

BONUS: My Resource Library - Value: $2994

The tools, books, and other goodies I've used to create award-winning businesses

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Most frequent questions and answers

You get 1 year of unlimited access to Stop Sucking at Marketing. I put a time limit because so many of us (including myself in this one!) won’t take action unless there’s a deadline, so that’s why I’m making sure you run through the course and utilize it.


(PS – There is a way to receive lifetime access, but you’ll hear more about that in the course)

All modules listed above have been written and are ready for you. The content is drip-fed at a 1 week interval for 6 weeks total, but you have immediate access the Module 1 + The Resource Library

Entrepreneurs, bloggers, small business owners, and influencers who are having trouble connecting to their audience and can’t seem to get the right words that convert.

This is not for someone who needs their hand held or wants a one-and-done template (those never work!). Stop Sucking at Marketing works if YOU do! I’ll show you the road, but you’re going to have to put the car in drive and go for it.

You have the 24 Hour Peek Refund Guarantee. Open the class up and look around for 24 hours. If it’s not what you expected, no worries, we’re happy to refund you!

Unfortunately, not yet! We’re working on it.


$ 497
  • 1 year access
  • All module updates
  • BONUS Access to My Resource Library ($2997 value!)


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  • 1 year access
  • All module updates
  • BONUS Access to My Resource Library ($2997 value!)


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  • BONUS Access to My Resource Library ($2997 value!)
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