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Better Biz School is my collection of courses, tools, and basically anything that’s been noodling around in my brain.

Here is where you’ll find my collection of resources designed for goal setting badasses like you to help grow your business or expand your personal goal setting skills so you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Welcome to the school, I’m glad you’re here!

Hello and Welcome!

i’m a 5x award-winning entrepreneur, author, marketing coach, and perpetually caffeinated person.

I created Better Biz School to be the hub for my collection of entrepreneur and badass goal-setting resources to help get you to the next level.

Better Biz School was created for entrepreneurs, but I’ve found that so many of these tools are helpful not just for small business owners, but for anyone who is ready to stretch themselves a little bit further to reach whatever goal they’ve set out to achieve.


It’s my hope that you’ll find something here that speaks to you and helps you hit whatever next level you’re ready to reach.

For more ideas, I invite you to head to my blog where I discuss value-based marketing initiatives and social media strategies.

But if you’re ready for bespoke marketing plans and coaching, click the button below to learn how we can work together to keep you focused, accountable, and most importantly, ridiculously successful.



Challenges and resources to help getcha started

Templates + Tools

Things to help get your financials in check and grow your business


My collection of books, guides, and journal promps


DIY Learning On the Go!


Group coaching options and communities


My "secret life as a designer" stuff


Stop Sucking at Marketing

My baby! The class designed to help you become a marketing maven

100 Journal Prompts for Money

Learn about your money mindset blocks by utilizing simple, effective journal prompts


3 day masterclass designed to help you build profitable sales funnels

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